Waterproofed Basement Walls

The work force was excellent. The entire group were very competent.

~ Walter M.

Basement Crack Repairs

They did 2 crack repairs and gave good advice on why it was the best for our situation (cracks ran from corners of two basement windows and allowed rain water to leak onto the floor after heavy rains; The fix has held back all rain and we’ve been dry since.

~ Bradford S.


Three leaks were repaired in basement walls and a metal basement hatch door was installed. The crew arrived on time and repaired the walls. At the same time they installed the basement door. A return trip was required after a heavy rain to do further work on the worst of the leaks. Since then, there has been no leakage. The basement door installation was completed satisfactorally and removed another dampness problem. I found this company (a subsidiary of Teasdale Fenton) through an Angie’s List Big Deal. As a result, no comparison shopping was done and it is difficult to say whether the price was competitive but it seemed reasonable to me considering the amount of work done, the cost of the metal door and the satisfactory result.

~ Terence C.


We couldn’t have been happier with our experience with Basement Restoration Technologies. We were in the process of selling our house and an inspection turned up vague language around ‘suspected water intrusion with no evidence’. Basement Restoration Technologies came out right away to take a look at our basement and help us look further into the matter. After their visit, they were able to help us determine there weren’t any problems with water intrusion. They were extremely professional, responsive, and especially helpful given we didn’t need any further work done. I would highly recommend them!

~ Jessica W.


It all started with the sales call. Mike was great. He took his time to talk to me about everything I need and expect and didn’t just throw a number at me that day. I shopped around a lot before I happened upon BRT, so I had my share of bad estimates. Mike went back to the office, poured through his notes, and called me back to say he’d like to bring the guy that would run the job back over to get his expert opinion. Good move Mike. Both he and Joe came over and talked me through everything. I bet they spent an hour with me. Joe came back and took his time to test some potential issues and think through what needed to be done. Only after determining the proper approach to my issue did Mike present me with the estimate. Yikes! It seemed like a lot of money, but now that it’s done, and I have seen the effort, materials, and actual pride in a job done right, I don’t think the price was bad at all. In the process of pulling out 8 tons of concrete and dirt from my basement floor, a good portion of my driveway was torn up. I freaked. Joe immediately assured me that it would be taken care of.They just finished the basement yesterday and still need to come back and do the driveway, but i have no doubt that it will be done within a reasonable time frame and to the same quality I have come to expect from this company. Now about Joe…early on I made Joe aware that communication was key. I’m on a “need-to-know-everything(now)” basis. And he didn’t disappoint. He was responsive to all of my inquiries, answered my hundreds of questions (I’m like a 2 yr old when I’m learning about these things) and always with a kind, patient and professional demeanor. I can’t say enough. His crew was the hardest working group of guys I’ve seen in a long time and all very pleasant. Jamie, Joe’s partner in crime, was fantastic as well. Between those 2 guys, I don’t know that I would ever want anyone else working on my foundation again. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for their help through this difficult time. I bought the house not knowing of the hidden structural issues and they have made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Thanks guys!

~ Heather M.


Installed 35 ft of baseboard drainage system in crawl space to direct seepage at base of walls into sump pump. Technicians were prompt, efficient and professional. Crawl space was clean and tidy when the job was finished..The baseboard system was an attractive and minimally invasive alternative to using a jack hammer to create a French Drain system. The technicians arrive promptly at 9AM and had the job completed and cleaned up in less than 3 hours. No mess, no fuss, minimal noise. Attractive finished result.

~ Shirley G.


We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provided. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct your business. It has been approximately 30 days since our basement has been waterproofed, and despite the huge snow melt and significant amount of rain, our basement is dry. We very much appreciate you and your team’s efforts and look forward to continuing our relationship with your company. Thank you for your excellent service.

~ Frank & Jenny P.