Cincinnati Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing System

Cincinnati Basement Waterproofing A basement waterproofing system in Cincinnati keeps water from entering your basement. The solution may include interior or exterior waterproofing or a combination of both. Basement waterproofing methods and solutions vary from one home to the next. Selecting the correct repair for your home is our top priority. The exterior and interior methods designed for your home will be customized to achieve your objectives. Our company will design a solution that is best for your home, offering both interior and exterior methods to meet your needs Interior methods are much less intrusive to the exterior features of your home. There is no need to disturb your deck, patio, sidewalks, lawn or landscaping. All of the work is completed in your basement and is designed to manage the water that comes through your foundation and/ or basement floor. Exterior methods usually require excavating the exterior of the foundation and installing a new drainage system at the footer and a protective membrane on the foundation walls.


Not only do you need to keep outside moisture from getting into your crawlspace, you also need to make sure the air inside stays dry. In order for crawlspace encapsulation to be effective, crawl space dehumidification should be installed to ensure that the air remains moisture free. Our patented crawlspace dehumidifiers guarantee just that! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free crawlspace assessment and estimate. Cincinnati Basement Waterproofing It is natural for a basement to be damp. Sometimes we must create an “unnatural act” to thoroughly dry it. Some of the biggest complaints homeowners have are damp floors and humid basements. Even though water is stopped by our waterproofing system, dampness can still occur due to the temperature difference between the subfloor and basement air, and basic humidity levels of the air. Air quality ranks high on the list of government environmental concerns. The air in many homes contain harmful pollutants that are invisible, odorless, and not readily detected. These substances can cause health problems such as irritated eyes or nose, headaches, dizziness, chronic fatigue, memory loss, infections, respiratory diseases, and more. Molds usually grow in damp places. Without moisture, they couldn’t get started, much less spread. When moisture is present, molds can begin to take hold within 24 hours. Mild molds can cause health problems including sinus and respiratory infections and asthma. More severe molds can develop with lethal effects. Moisture accumulates from outside infiltration and from normal indoor activities. Airtight new homes and older “leaky” homes suffer from excess moisture and lack of ventilation which nurture the biological growth of mold, dust mites, and infestation. Undetected pollutants build up to harmful levels without adequate air exchanges. Homeowners should seek professional solutions to reduce moisture sources and expel the indoor contaminants, transforming the home into a dry healthy environment. The EPA has written that “Unless homes are built with special mechanical means of ventilation, homes that are designed to minimize the amount of outdoor air that can leak into and out of the home may have higher pollutant levels than other homes”. The “solution” is to remove or reduce pollution sources, remove sources of standing water and seal areas of water infiltration, and increase ventilation to control humidity, reduce stagnation and introduce healthier air. In other words, install an economical Humidex Ventilation Unit. Your family and your home will be glad you did. Humidex…a breath of fresh air!

How Humidex Works

Cincinnati Basement Waterproofing Cool moist air gravitates downward, and condensation is worst at the lowest point in your home i.e. your basement, crawl space or slab floor. Humidex draws moist, stale, contaminated air to the vents via a quiet and powerful fan. This unique revolutionary unit addresses air quality problems where they are created and exists. The moist air is then vented to the outside of your home through duct while being replaced with a flow of drier, fresh air drawn downward from the upper levels of your home. Humidex is controlled by an adjustable humidistat that regulates the air flow. When the desired level of humidity is achieved, the fan speed will automatically reduce. It will resume a higher speed as the humidity level increases. The direct effect is a complete home air exchange occurring anywhere from 6-10 times a day.

Humidex helps cure the “Sick Home Syndrome”

MOLD: Mold spores can cause serious health problems. The moisture evacuation and air circulation provided by the Humidex Unit reduces the environmental conditions for molds to prosper. MUSTY ODORS AND MILDEW: Musty odors and mildew can make any space unusable. Humidex helps create additional living space without the expense of building onto your home. CHEMICAL POLLUTANTS: Building materials, home furnishings, and wood finishes release formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. Released household chemicals are absorbed in moist air and stagnate in your home. The Humidex Ventilation Unit helps remove harmful chemical pollutants from your home. BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINANTS: Residues from living organisms such as pollen, fungi, dust mites and animal waste cause infectious diseases, allergic reactions, respiratory ailments and other health problems. Humidex greatly reduces your family’s exposure to these contaminants. DANGEROUS GASES: Carbon monoxide and natural gas from your appliances can enter your home and accumulate virtually undetected. Gasses accumulated in the basement are expelled when Humidex is running. STRUCTURAL DAMAGE: Humidity and moisture, in general, cause serious expensive problems in the home, such as rotting wood, rust, and buckling floors. Humidex greatly reduces humidity and its costly, damaging effects in your home.

Sump Pumps

Cincinnati Basement Waterproofing Many homes have sump pumps. Sump pumps are a very important part of keeping your basement dry. This is what pumps the water from your drainage system out of your house. There are different sizes of sump pumps. We use ½ hp. pumps with our systems. They will pump a greater volume of water than the 1/3 hp pumps most other companies install. Sump pumps should be checked regularly and serviced annually to ensure proper operation when you need them most. We highly recommend that you also have a battery backup sump pump installed. This not only helps you when there is a power outage, it also will kick in if the main pump fails or becomes overwhelmed.

Basement Drainage Systems

A basement drainage system is an efficient way to control rainwater penetration through foundation walls and to prevent moisture and condensation problems in basements. To solve moisture and water problems in basements, before waterproofing any walls or applying any insulation, you should install drain footings around the house and study the gutters and downspouts. Make sure that roof gutters (on your house’s eaves) and the downspouts are working properly. They should be well cleared and opened: otherwise, rainwater would sit on the roof and run down the walls damaging the building and your foundation.

Basement Remodeling

One of the most common reasons for a basement remodel is to maximize the functional living space of your home. Whether you want to create a workout room, an area for children to play, or a home office, a basement remodel can create the space you have always dreamed of. A basement remodel may also be necessary when moisture is present or has caused significant damage. A basement with backed up water or a basement that has cracks in certain areas of the foundation will require waterproofing to ensure that no future leaks will occur and jeopardize your largest investment – your home. Here at Basement Restoration Technologies, our design approach allows us to fully plan and customize your basement remodel in order to create the best possible space for your family. We provide itemized budgets and construction schedules prior to lifting a finger in the remodel. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Mold Removal

Mold can be a significant issue and should not be ignored. Mold can lead to health hazards, structural damage and property depreciation. Basement Technologies provides home and businesses owners with tried and true processes and procedures to properly diagnose and solve mold problems and concerns. We use EPA approved anti-microbial products and follow guidelines set forth in the EPA’s Mold Removal for Schools and Commercial Buildings. To properly remediate and remove mold permanently, the source of moisture must be found and eliminated, otherwise, fungal growth will continue to occur. Specific procedures must be followed to safely remediate mold issues, the most important of which is to reduce moisture levels that can facilitate mold growth. Removal of affected materials after the source of moisture has been eliminated is also necessary for remediation. We follow IICRC protocols on all of our mold remediation projects.

Egress Windows

It is a easy to open window that serves the function as a quick below ground emergency exit from the living space of any kind. Our windows are extremely easy and painless to exit if in an emergency situation.